I'm Levent Ali.

Weeknotes 6: There's no escape

  • This week was hectic at home. Tantrums, dodgy stomachs, gp visits and jealousy being the core themes. 3yr old is winning the will of the minds currently. Newborn wasn’t happy about with her 8-week vaccinations but is thankfully being a good baby these days.
  • My mum's eye operation was postponed on Wednesday due to the doctor's strike. The long build up to the day was stressful enough. This is just prolonging it but there's a date set for early April so hopefully not much longer to wait.
  • Arsenal got knocked out of the Europa League but returned to Premier League action by thumping Crystal Palace. It was great to see Martinelli score the opening goal with confidence after misisng the deciding penalty on Thursday. We’ll see if sacKIng Patrick Vieira was a wise move, once their relegation battle comes to a head.
  • My in-laws leave next week and it’s going to be an adjustment not having their help around the house. We had a decent meal at the King’s Head on Saturday night after the disastrous outing to the Spaniard's Inn last weekend.
  • The second race of the F1 season hinted that the one sided boredom of Red Bull dominance will continue for some time yet. Ferrari are just mediocrity in a couture dress. The Mercedes is jalopy with fancy livery. It baffles everyone why they persisted with the failed sidepod design of last season.