I'm Levent Ali.

Currently I'm a Group Engineering Manager at Intercom.

My focus is on combining strategy, technology and fun to build internet products that solve real problems in ways that haven't been done before.

My teams at Intercom build automated customer support solutions, including Resolution Bot, Custom Bots and Help Center Articles.

I helped create Intercom's first major chat bot product and establish our London office, which has grown over 10x in four years. Our products are one of the primary reasons customers choose Intercom.

I co-founded BrappTV the now defunct music creation and collaboration app in 2015.

I have previously worked at Xively, Goodlord, Osper, LogMeIn and Umbrellium across multiple domains and stages of the startup journey.

Reach out if you need help coaching teams, engineering managers or engineers. Find me on Mastodon, the bird site or email at levent@purebreeze.com.