I'm Levent Ali.

Weeknotes 5: Silicon Valley Tank

  • A week of extremes

  • No match of the day because fascism but a comfortable 3 nil win at Fulham including the return of Jesus. I didn't watch the draw at Sporting but that happened as well.

  • 3 yr old had a dodgy tummy that turned the tail end of the week into a bit of a disaster. I haven't properly slept since Thursday. I think there's light at the end of the tunnel but the poor kid needs a proper rest before he can function emotionally and physically.

  • Meanwhile, the baby decided she's a big fan of sleeping at night. At least mum has finally managed some well deserved rest. Maybe the stars will soon align at night, at least temporarily until the next sleep regression.

  • Due to the hecticness of mundane family life, we haven't had a minute to progress any of our big goals: garden room go no-go decision, actually taking a passport photo of the baby, and changing the leaky tap.

  • Silicon Valley Bank went seemingly from everything is fine to everything is on fire overnight. Watching with appropriate levels of anxiety how this is going to pan out.

    One thing this next episode in "just another week in tech" has highlighted is that the notion that money is cheap missed the entire point. Raising money may have been easy but the cost of losing it always had real impact and the question is whether the players at the heart of this should have borne some responsibility for caring about that. I don't buy the argument that between founders and VCs it's too much to ask that at least one person be an expert in assessing risk and understanding finance. The reality is likely more sinister than that.

  • I also found out that one of my dear friend's dad passed away this week. When my friend studied in Australia for a year, I basically took her place as a member of the family spending many weekends at their place. Her dad was one of the great people in my life during university and I don't think I prioritised anything over doing dumb shit with my friends aside from talking shit about the way the world works with her dad.