I'm Levent Ali.

Weeknotes 1: A dose of normal

  • So this went wrong. It’s Tuesday and I failed to wrap up and publish on Sunday. I did take notes regularly but they required a lot of editing.
  • The baby may have turned a corner with regards to sleep. I don’t think we’d make it another week by holding her through the night while she slept. Time will tell if this wasn't just a false dawn.
  • I worked a couple of days including a visit to the office for dreaded performance review calibrations. It turned out to be a total breeze in comparison to the madness at home.
  • At a particularly weak moment, I bought a bunch of crap at 3am (see holding baby) including socks, two pairs of trainers and a new keyboard to sit in between the Ergodox and WASD.
  • I also made it to Arsenal v. Brentford. Infuriating as it was, it was good to do another normal thing.
  • The major win of the week was reorganising the shelf in the living room. It was a tangle of devices, lamps and wires and it’s now not. It took hours.
  • Emin and I are about two-thirds of the way through building the LEGO Technic Ford F-150.
  • The week was closed out by smoking a pork belly, and having Sunday lunch with Cath’s folks. Another dose of normal.