I'm Levent Ali.

Weeknotes 3: Back to school

  • Winter is back.

    Achievement of the week was finally washing the car during a brief hail storm.

  • I definitely felt welcomed back at work. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not as there was a lot to get stuck into. It was good to be useful and not just at the mercy of a newborn.

  • Emin got his MMR vaccine and as usual the challenge was getting him to either remove his plaster or allow his plaster to get wet. There were a few comedy moments caused by the drama.

  • Cath's folks went to grandparent's day at nursery and spent the time taking spy shots of a cast member fron Ted Lasso. Hopefully they were discreet enough.

  • Arsenal beat Leicester 0-1 with an assured performance to remain top of the table. Arteta played Trossard and Martinelli up front which gave us control of possession. Looking forward to the two very important home games next week.

  • Zia's sleep is improving gradually, I guess.

    We've got a semi-ridiculous routine which is seemingly working. It means I get some sleep before work but it also means my day officially starts at 4am.

  • We went out for coffee in East Barnet. Emin is heading to a Duplo building event next week. It looks like it could be great fun and hopefully inspires more creativity than just assembling Technics with me.

  • I sold some stocks this week and I'm contemplating whether we invest in a garden room before Zia takes over the office. I'm definitely going to spend some of the cash on t-shirts and socks.

  • I've also promised Emin I'd get a matching scooter so we can cruise around together lol.