I'm Levent Ali.

Weeknotes 2: Time ticks

  • This was my final week off work. I decided to save my remaining paternity leave for when Cath’s folks go back to Australia, which also coincides with Easter holidays, which means more children at home more of the time.
  • It’s half term which means Emin’s been home all week. We completed the LEGO Technic and he proved an excellent partner.
  • It was a big week for Arsenal with the lows of Man City followed by the highs of the last gasp victory at Aston Villa. The atmosphere on Wednesday was electric though the mood during the walk away from the stadium was glib. The Saturday fixtures made up for it. You couldn't really write or predict what happened from Emi Martinez's own goal, Vieira celebrating his assist before Martinelli also celebrating prematurely before putting it away for the 4th goal. The day was capped off by Man City dropping points at Forest and Newcastle's first half crumble to Liverpool. It's hard not to love this Arsenal team.
  • Zia has had a stuffy nose all week so sleep is still at a premium.
  • On Saturday our close friends visited for lunch which was a first since Zia came and was a massive dose of joy for us. I also found out that there's an 800 year oak tree near our house which is on the list to visit with Emin.
  • Sunday we're taking Cath's folks for a roast at The Winchmore. Tomorrow it's back to work.