Levent Ali Agile Coach and Ruby Freelancer

I am a technologist and an advocate of simplicity and self-organisation. I write code, predominantly in Ruby, but my real passion lies in technical team leadership and agile coaching.

I built Agileista. People use it because it is better than Jira and more suited to Scrum than Trello.

I work through my consulting company Purebreeze Ltd.

Get in touch if you would like my help.

I still have some availability in February.

Last Gig: Leading the Xively engineering team at LogMeIn

Through my time as lead developer at Pachube, I helped grow the team and instil agile processes and engineering practices. Together we developed the product through the acquisition by LogMeIn and its subsequent evolution.

As Director of Engineering Operations at Xively, I lead and coached an immensely talented engineering team as well as help drive innovation throughout LogMeIn. LogMeIn have since transitioned their entire organisation to Scrum and are following our lead on Continuous Delivery.

A bit more about me


I am married to Catherine Seay, co-founder of Curators Coffee.

I have lived in the desert, on top of a mountain and now call London home. Once upon a time I worked as a portrait photographer. I don’t ride the tube because I’m obsessed with bicycles, cars and motorbikes.

I can be found on Twitter as @lebreeze or via email at [email protected].